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In fact, there are no German official Assay Offices like the independent assay offices in Britain, e. American Horology owes much to the brilliant visionaries of the Waltham Watch Company. From 1 June the assay offices were ordered to strike hallmarks on imported watch cases that were different from those struck on watch cases made in the UK. Because they were not stamped by an independent organisation, German marks are not accepted in Britain as legally valid and should not be called hallmarks. But these are not British hallmarks.

The Bulova and Hamilton stepped cases shown here on the left are a perfect example of this. Hands got a little wider and came to a sharper point. Some Birmingham town mark and date letter shields for silver are also not the same shape as shown in the published tables but instead are triangular with a point at the base, and sometimes cut top corners.


Typical dents and dating dennison watch case More details, dating dennison watch case. Each assay office used its own cycles of date letters, which depended on when the office was set up and the date on dating dennison watch case the wardens were elected, which is also when the date punches were changed. The watch is in general good condition for its age. Bedford said they were to house Swiss watches and that they had been ordered specifically to obtain cases with English jewish dating nyc. Hansons Auctioneers and Valuers. It is possible that the item, although obviously at one time intended to be exported to Germany, could have been directed to a different market after being stamped in Switzerland and never actually passed into or through Germany at all. The bustling traffic outside the Waltham Watch factory at noon. Of course, I'm not one of the experts here, so others can help you too, so hang in there, and others will come in and try to help. The sponsor's mark was applied to each item before it was submitted for hallmarking, and can tell us interesting information about where a watch case was made, or imported a watch. This is explained further in the following section. Watch cases made by Dennison that were not made for Waltham are usually easy to identify as they are stamped "Dennison Watch Case Co. Thomson Roddick Auctioneers Carlisle. But these are not British hallmarks. Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did. To go to the page about Swiss hallmarks and other Swiss marks click on this link: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of speed dating sofia. The punch mark of a standing bear for the higher silver standard was replaced by a duck. Waltham gold plated open face pocket watch, dating dennison watch case, white enamelled dial, subsidiary seconds dial. This is an example only. Ignored post by Sheila Gilbert posted July 28, dating dennison watch case, They were stamped with new hallmarks that were intended to show that the item was imported and not of British manufacture. Dennison plain gold case with blue enamelled Roman chapter ring, no.

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Straps for vintage fixed wire lug trench or officer's wristwatches. I make additions and corrections to dating dennison watch case web site frequently, but because they are buried somewhere on one of the pages the changes are not very noticeable, so I decided to create this blog section dating dennison watch case highlight new material. Here below you will find part of one of the pages that I have either changed or added to significantly. There were bits of information about Dennison scattered about on several pages of this web site; I have decided to draw them all together into one page, as you see below.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me via my Contact me page. Aaron Dennison was an important pioneer in watchmaking by machinery; in fact it could be said that he was the most important pioneer, in that it was his ideas that started the mass production of watch movement parts by machinery in America, dating dennison watch case, which had dating dennison watch case knock-on effects on watchmaking in Switzerland and England.

After initiating a revolution in watchmaking, Dennison set up a company in Birmingham, England, to make watch cases, and many collectors will have watches with cases made by the Dennison watch case company. His father was a cobbler by trade, but Aaron didn't like shoemaking and had a mechanical turn of mind, so in he was apprenticed to James Carey, a clock and watch maker, gunsmith and gold and silversmith of Brunswick. In Dennison set up on his own as a watch repairer, but shortly after entered the employ of Jones, Low and Ball where he learnt from Tubal Hone, then considered to be one of the finest watchmakers in the country.

In about he began to think about manufacturing complete watches in the United States by machine. The firm operated until the beginning of when it went bankrupt. The assets of the bankrupt company were auctioned and the buildings and some machinery were bought Royal E. Robbins found Dennison to be rather too creative when graft and application was required, and in December he was dismissed.

After Dennison had left, the new cheaper William Ellery model watch he had been trying to introduce became a financial success for the company, selling in large numbers to soldiers during the American civil war. From the rather confusing jumble of company restructurings that followed eventually emerged the American Watch Company of Waltham, Massachusetts, but Dennison was no longer involved in the company he had helped to found.

In Dennison and A. Bigelow set up the Tremont Watch Company in Boston with the idea of buying in the small fine parts, such as the balance, escapement and train wheel trains from Switzerland, where wages were lower than in America, and making in America the larger parts, dating dennison watch case, such as the spring barrel and the watch plates, and assembling watches.

Dennison went to Zurich to supervise ordering and delivery of the parts to America. The American company ran into financial problems inand in Dennison moved from Zurich to Birmingham, England, where he set up The Anglo-American Watch Company dating dennison watch case assemble watches using parts he had already purchased in Switzerland and plates ordered from Tremont. These watches were understandably American in nature, with going barrels rather than fusees, and the initial products, uncased movements, were sent to America for sale, but there was little demand because of a financial recession at the time meaning that the market was over supplied already.

The name of the company was changed in February to The English Watch Company, presumably indicating an intention to try selling watches to the British market. It appears that Dennison may have dating dennison watch case the company at this time. The business continued under Bragge and his son Robert until it went into voluntary liquidation on 11 Dating dennison watch case and was not resurrected. It is thought that Williamsons of Coventry bought some of the machinery.

In around Dennison set up a watch case manufactory in the Handsworth area of Birmingham which eventually became the Dennison Watch Case Company. The early history of the company is rather unknown, despite the best efforts of Philip Priestley with the help of descendants of the founder to uncover it. A dating dennison watch case in the Birmingham Trade Directory of indicates a possibility that Edward Howard, one of the founders of the American company with Dennison and Davis inmight have been an investor.

Alfred Wigley, an engraver, polisher and springer of watchcases, was involved in some way right from the start, dating dennison watch case, eventually becoming a partner in The setting up of the misty copeland dating case factory in Birmingham coincided with the opening in of the London office of the American Watch Company by Nelson Pitkin Stratton, who had joined the company in and been made assistant superintendent in The American Watch Company of Waltham by this time was mass producing watch movements at a tremendous rate, more than they could sell in America, which like Europe from had been undergoing a recession, dating dennison watch case, so they looked to export their excess production.

One problem they had was that advances in watch case making hadn't kept pace with the mechanisation and automation of watch movement making, and so watch cases were not in the same surplus.

This lead them to want to export bare or uncased movements and they then looked to English watch case makers to supply cases to house these. Dating dennison watch case the English watch case makers couldn't supply the quantities of cases that were needed, dating dennison watch case, so at first Swiss and some American watch cases were dating dennison watch case.

In a Select Committee of the House of Commons was set up to look into gold and silver hallmarking. Alfred Bedford, dating dennison watch case, at the time manager for the American Watch Co. The first major customer for Dennison watch cases was the American Watch Company of Waltham, and the coincidence of the date of in Aaron Dennison leaving the The Anglo-American Watch Company and setting up a case making company together with the opening in of the London office of the American Watch Company looks very significant.

All the hallmarked gold and silver watch cases made by Dennison to house imported American Waltham movements had the sponsor's marks of either Frederick Francis Seeland, who was manager for the American Watch Co. It is significant that neither Alfred Wigley's or Aaron Dennison's registered sponsor's marks appeared on the cases they made for Waltham. In answers to other questions, Bedford stated "At our case factory at Birmingham we turn out something like 50, cases a year for our watches, dating dennison watch case.

So it appears that Waltham had some interest in the company, dating dennison watch case, and for Bedford to give permission for work to be done he must have had some authority. The " or 1, cases" that Alfred Bedford mentioned in his evidence to the Select Committee were ordered from Switzerland.

Bedford said they were to house Swiss watches and that they had been ordered specifically to obtain cases with English hallmarks. The fact that Bedford gave permission for the order to be filled shows that production of watch cases could exceed the number needed to case Waltham movements at that time. The company employed at the time hands and was "lighted throughout with electric light". Aaron Dennison died in and his son Franklin took over his role. After initiating a revolution in watchmaking and other adventures, Dennison set up a company in Birmingham, England, to make watch cases, and many collectors will have watches with cases made by the Dennison watch case company.

Donald de Carle in "Practical Watch Repairing", in the chapter on Water-Resistant Cases on page in my copysays "There are three popular types of [water resistant] button and pendant. The screw button and pendant, originally invented by A, dating dennison watch case. L Dennison as long ago asis used in various forms today I have seen another reference to this story in an excerpt from an American publication on the NAWCC web site as shown here.

Dating dennison watch case "The principles of waterproofing watches" Henry Fried says that Dennison encased watches in waterproof cases as far back asand says that New York watch collector Louis Romaine has a Waltham watch with one of these cases. The problem with Fried's account is that he says that Romaine's watch has a screw cap, and he illustrates it with a figure from an American patent granted to Ezra Fitch in Fitch's patented design is different to the design patented by Dennison in that is discussed in the next section.

I am sure that Romaine's watch had a case made in America to Fitch's patent, and that Dennison had nothing to do with it. The use of a screw cap to enclose the crown and seal the gap where the stem enters the case is not really rocket science, dating dennison watch case. It was used on "travellers'" or "explorers'" watches in the s, such as those commissioned by the Royal Geographical Jewish dating sites. It was only part of Fitch's patent, and I doubt that he would have been able to patent just the cap on its own.

These caps were simple and effective, but not a very elegant solution to the problem. A much more effective solution was to use the crown itself as the cap, to arrange for the crown to screw down on the pendant or stem tube.

A crown that screwed down onto the pendant was patented by Fitch inand this appears to have been the first true "screw down crown". I have to say that I am more than sceptical about the claim that Dennison invented the screw down crown. The claim is repeated in several places so it might be thought that there may be some truth in it, but there is no substantive evidence.

I have never seen a Dennison watch case from the nineteenth century with even a screw cap over the crown, let alone a true screw down crown. I think that this is just a tale that grew and changed in the telling and retelling, and that in fact Dennison did not invent the screw down crown.

These were the only two patents they could find attributed to Dennison around It is described in further detail below. On 3rd February Aaron Dennison "of Handsworth, in the County of Stafford, Watch Manufacturer," deposited an application and preliminary specification for a patent for "Improvements in Dating dennison watch case and Pocket Chronometers" which were said to consist of constructing the parts of watches and chronometers so that they "are simplified and perfected, dating dennison watch case, and the cases made air and water tight.

On 29th July this application was approved and Dennison was granted British patent No. To make the world dating partners air and water tight, in place of evow dating site reviews normal hinged bezel, Dennison designed a bezel with an external screw thread which screwed into a thread in the opening at the front of the case, from inside the case.

I have circled this in red on the left hand side of the picture. The bezel is item "b" with external screw thread "d". The bezel screws from inside the case into the thread in the front part of the case, dating dennison watch case, part "e" in the diagram. The back of the case "f" had an internal thread which screwed down onto a thread "g" formed on the middle part of the case.

The small screw labelled g 2 was there purely to give some grip for screwing and unscrewing the back. This must have been before Dennison conceived of using the peripheral "coin edge" milling seen on later Dennison screw cases, which is not surprising, the patent was written several years before he started his watch case factory. The winding stem and push piece for engaging the hand setting mechanism were provided with packings of an unspecified nature to make them "air and water dating dennison watch case.

This case was designed before Dennison set up his watch case works, but shows that he was thinking about watch cases as well as watch movements. The patent also covered a mechanism for winding and setting the watch via the crown, using a push piece to put the keyless work into the hand setting position.

Watch cases made by Dennison that were not made for Waltham are usually easy to identify as they are stamped dating dennison watch case Watch Case Co. The picture to the left shows a silver case marked with both the Dennison Watch Case Co.

It has the anchor mark which the Birmingham Assay Office stamped on native i. Dennison made two grades of gold and silver watch cases, "standard" and "special"; "special" indicating thinner material. Dennison also made gold plated or gold filled watch cases. Gold-filled, also known as "rolled gold" or "rolled gold plate" is a composite material where thin layers of gold are bonded with heat and pressure to dating dennison watch case core of base metal such as brass.

The thickness of the gold plate determines how long the item will last in normal use before the base metal shows thorough, and is usually much thicker, and therefore longer wearing, than dating dennison watch case plated gold.

Because these cases are not solid gold they are not hallmarked. Initially an explanation of the process was engraved inside the case, together with the expected lifetime of the gold plate, the length of normal wear before it wore through and the base metal showed. On later cases this was indicated by one of three words:. A mark consisting of three symbols, a radiant sun, crescent moon and a star, was stamped on many Dennison cases, including cases made of nickel.

This mark does not appear to indicate any specific type or grade of material, it seems to have been simply a trademark. Towards the end of the Great War the War Department began to issue wristwatches such as the one shown here. The "pheon" or broad arrow on the case back denotes it as War Department property, dating dennison watch case. You can see a picture of the movement on my Movements page. The substantial "screw back and bezel" case of the watch is made of nickel, and so it carries no hallmarks or sponsor's dating dennison watch case to show who made it, but the case has several very distinctive features; the milling that gives a grip when unscrewing the back dating dennison watch case bezel, the flattened pumpkin shape of the crown, and the large diameter stem tube that is cut away at the back and front to allow the bezel and back dating dennison watch case screw down.

The pictures here of another of these watches shows another of these wristwatches with War Department markings in a silver case. The manufacturers marks and hallmarks those show that this case was made by the Dennison watch case company of Birmingham and hallmarked in Birmingham.

The assayer's mark date letter "t" shows that the case was hallmarked in the Birmingham hallmarking year to The silver case is clearly from the the same manufacturer as the nickel case discussed dating dennison watch case.

The milling that gives a grip when unscrewing the back and bezel and the large diameter stem tube cut away at the back and front to allow the bezel and back to screw down are the same.

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