Intj dating problems

For a long time I believed dating was an entry level stage to something serious, and treated and scrutinized every interaction in that way. We glued it back together in the end and I still have it. I akin it to looking at two pieces of glass. But I don't think the basics should in theory be setting the bar too high.. I've ended up like none of these people, but I have definitely absorbed a bit of their charisma.

At the same time, we want a relationship. Well, unless you're in mortal fear of being sued, in which case we're told it is in our best interests to "justify" almost everything! We are okay with not celebrating Valentine's Day. However, the most arrogant, narcissistic people I know are not INTJs, and the true danger is that they simply believe they can do no wrong.


Fortunately for us we are constantly teaching each other how to see the world from a different view. She also dropped out of high school. I told him he should just let me know when he needed me to tell intj dating problems how much I care for him. A single let-down can leave scars. Everything that has ever happened was required to allow you to read my ramblings. I will apply it.: Submit a post RSS Archive. Skip to main content. Now it's charmingly out-of-your-league. January 5, at 6: Maybe someone can answer my question. I'm an Intj female currently in an undergraduate BBA program. You know me so well. Their evidence-denying hypocrisy makes you shut down, intj dating problems, cut them off and retreat somewhere you can recover from the contaminating force of their stupidity in peace. According to the Myers-Briggs profile, the INTJ personality is comprised of introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits, intj dating problems. Also, i mentioned something I heard on Intj dating problems, and he said "babykillers! Stupid Im gonna get you these cheap ass chocolates so I can get into your pants. They will likely make you wish you had been more respectful of their feelings by very clearly pointing out every flaw in your reasoning. I still do sometimes. We as a species are possibly very immature and have only scratched the surface of a very small scratch on the surface of a very small scratch on the surface of the unknown. We will not look back. If somebody else ever wants to join the party then it will be a bonus. INTJ is definitely a perfectionist at heart. I do believe it's intj dating problems to experience things you like and dislike to figure that out, but you must be very attractive and awesome to be able to listwhittle people down to certain traits, some of which, frankly, sound very superficial. I'm not interested in a super hot club girl or a "10" with a nice ass or any of the other bullshit all the pigish men I know want, intj dating problems. I met my husband in the most unlikely of places: INTJs will go without food and hygiene intj dating problems days to solve a problem other times just because they forgot. I have waited a long time to find a compatible match been on my own 9 years and we are compatible in the ways that matter most to me and we accept and value the differences, intj dating problems, but they do cause some bumps in the road. I spent months on three different online dating sites trying to find anyone who might possibly be worth trying to date. Being pragmatic people, INTJs mathematically evaluate this balance of intj dating problems and rewards and decide that risk is not a good thing. February 19, at I was raised by an abusive and mentally ill ENFP…. I've met some great people of both genders this way with whom I can really connect. All comments are moderated. December 13, at 3:

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I was just wondering if any INTJ's have problems with dating, intj dating problems. I've been successful in my career as a INTJ, but not in dating. I have trouble meeting women in the first place and my relationships usually last only 1 or 2 dates. I've intj dating problems several serious relationships, but they were many years ago. I basically don't do well with small talk and flirting, intj dating problems, but I am fine with just regular conversation about things I'm interested in.

Usually the relationship ends with the woman saying she thought I was a nice guy, but no spark there. Also, the only luck I have meeting women is through online dating, where have other INTJ's been successful meeting women? The party line for how INTJs can bypass annoying things like small-talk and meet similar-minded people goes something like this: Take something that you really enjoy and find a way to do it socially, intj dating problems.

Look for related social organizations in your area Meetup. Having a shared interest means that there's less of a need for arbitrary, proscribed social ritualising. I'd much rather have a relationship develop out of friendship. Reply Parent Thread Link. I don't "date", never have. One relationship I have, he observed me from afar and just asked me out. We were married six months later. The other relationships I've met online or from ending up together in mutual-interest activities.

I have two multi-decade relationships, and have had two that were long-term and close, but not permanent. I'm poly-fi I don't do small-talk, but I do do topic-talk. Volunteering to be on staff helps, too since it brings up instances where I end up next to people with a topic on the table. On the emotion topic, we tend to play them close to our chest, but PLEASE don't forget to touch people when the time is right.

Simple physical contact as hard as it can be is one cue that can start things rolling more our direction than anything else. I'm not talking about the major stuff, just a touch on the elbow or shoulder. It's not much, but intj dating problems enough to break that ice sometimes. For me, friendships are harder than family-oriented-relationships. They need a lot of small-talk and irrelevant face noises, intj dating problems. I'm a good 'silent-friend'. We can do relevant stuff together, intj dating problems, and I'm there in a flash when they need me, but 'hanging out' or chattering for a few hours is not for me.

I have not been successful in the least. It takes me forever to trust and feel comfortable around someone and my feeling preference is incredibly low, intj dating problems. Also, I intj dating problems many personal problems that need to be addressed and taken care of before I can even bother to consider such a thing.

All of my relationships turn bad, I tend to attract the feelers that are wounded and looking for a reason to feel the way they feel. I've heard the "I started going out with you because I knew you'd hurt me" line a lot. Its my emotional understanding that causes a lot of trouble. I think it's good that you recognize this. The ones, my dh included, who went out and sought help be it medication for anxiety or psychotherapy are much happier and the better off for it. I've done the same as well--my background was screwed up too.

My husband INTJ didn't date intj dating problems or really at all until he met me. He has a hard time being around people and such, but we kind of clicked at first site. Oddly, intj dating problems, we were both internet nerds, but met at the gym through a mutual friend who dragged us both there. My husband is such a nice devoted, caring, eccentric guy all my single friends INFs for the most part want to know where to meet INTJs.

There should be an MBTI hook-up online. Try to find some local groups with others who have similar quirky interests if you do have any. You can get comfortable with a group and meet others that way.

That would be Typetango. I haven't personally used it, so I can't say anything for its efficacy, but it does exist. I have no problem getting dates if I want them. I have never had a problem getting dates or finding relationships, but then, I'm an INTJ female, so maybe it's different.

I'm also bisexual and polyamorous, so YMMV. My problem with relationships comes a few months later, when I stop respecting the people I'm dating because they are flawed and irrational.

My advice is the exact opposite of everyone else's: Embrace your natural INTJ arrogance and smartassness. You are snarky and witty. When she says "Where do you want to go to dinner? When she says "Do you like country music?

I'm not talking about being "that asshole guy" who always gets the chicks instead of you. I'm talking about being yourself.

INTJs are incredibly alluring when they learn to develop their best traits. Women like a man who can make a damn decision! So you're at dinner having some boring conversation and you don't think thigns are going well? Say "This date is going a little slow. Let's go play Laser Tag instead. I think that's part of what prevents me from starting meaningful relationships with people in the first place - my standards are so high and specific.

I had a similar issue and in true INTJ fashion I decided to train my mind on the issue, do some reading and fix the problem. Yah, you might feel silly going on to dating help sites and mailers but I can tell you, after a month or so of reading voraciously, I intj dating problems able to start changing things around.

I think I started here: With that said, I still didn't intj dating problems much luck on dating sites. Partially because I don't think I have the situation a real chance and partially because there was slim pickings. My problem has traditionally been picking up on the "signals" that indicate a woman is interested in me socially, intj dating problems. I don't flirt, but I banter, intj dating problems, and I've been told it's essentially the same thing.

You may have many potential dates and just not recognize them, intj dating problems. I'm horrible at picking up "signals" Much more prefer honesty. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I was never asked out until I was 18, and only by people I had met online.

When I met my husband of two weeks now, wee! We began talking on the phone casually and it developed into friendship, dateship, intj dating problems, cohabitation, and now marriage. My guess is the intj dating problems of expectations My hubby and I intj dating problems both afraid of dating at first, and I think it worked because we started as friends.

No expectations, intj dating problems, therefore no disappointment. I met my husband in the most unlikely of places: Granted, it was a smallish, intimate party--a bunch of intellectuals and our friends from around town. My husband said he felt an instant attraction to me when he shook my hand.

I definitely got a frisson the first time our eyes met, but I'd say the attraction became evident after we'd talked for a few minutes. He was very forthright about his attraction to me, asking for my phone number before I'd even finished getting ready to leave, so I took his in return, intj dating problems. Deciding that there was no point in dirty sex dating it over, I actually wound up calling him the next day, and the rest is history.

We definitely did not start out as friends; our attraction was so strong and obvious that we were joined at the hip from the moment we met. There was no second-guessing or deliberating. We hashed out what we were interested in doing with our lives and found we had a lot of similar goals and priorities, intj dating problems, moved in together after a while, discussed the pros and cons of getting married, and got married a couple of years later.

That said, we do have a "friendly" relationship: We do romantic things for one another occasionally, but there's no sense of obligation or stress. We're very comfortable with one another, as you should be if you're going to spend your life with a person. I had a lot of relationships before I met my husband, most of them good. I met my partners in a variety of settings: I can't advise any particular setting as being optimal for meeting people; however, I can play Captain Obvious here and say that the more social activities you do especially directed social activities that intj dating problems a major interest of yours the greater your likelihood of meeting someone with whom you connect.

I don't mind introductory small talk as long as it progresses to something more substantive within a few minutes. Maybe that's easy for me to say since I'm just barely an Introvert, but I think it holds true intj dating problems all people.

Understatement of the year.

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